Dallas Convention Center – Highlight Video

Interactive Event Entertainment

These shots were taken at the Omni – Dallas Convention Center in 2013 and help to show the feel of our corporate team building performances in Fort Worth, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin. We’ll kick off these conference shows with contests designed to break groups into smaller teams and invite them to either join the band on stage to sing/dance or jump on social media to interact digitally – participation with a great party band! Top musicians and over-the-top production make for a totally unique and unforgettable experience at our shows. We perform holiday parties and team building shows under the title Corporate Bandstand.

In the songlist you’ll find tons of Motown, top 40, soul, R&B, rock, funk and jazz to cover everyone’s taste. We can be a cover band, tribute band or just your backing band for a killer party – the best idea for conferences at Dallas Convention Center! We invite guests to (or make them!) loosen up a bit, hang out with our super fun hostesses, visit the prop table and take the stage. We always encourage group songs to help coax a little more participation and on-stage dynamics… we’re constantly surprised with the inner rock stars of our clients. For more information on our tiered pricing structure and to check availability reach out today – we offer free and speedy rate quotes!